Welcome to the Meredith US 3/NH 25 Website

The US Route 3 and NH Route 25 corridors play a key role in moving residents and visitors throughout the Lakes Region and Meredith.  The Meredith US 3/NH 25 Improvements Project strives to balance the needs of the traveling public with the desire of Meredith to maintain its unique character and charm.  The project begins on US 3 at its intersection with Route 104, runs north approximately one mile to Route 25, and then runs north on Route 25 for approximately 1,000 feet to its intersection with Pleasant Street.

The project is currently in the second step (Part B) of a three step project development process to have the improvements ready for construction.  Part A was a planning study that worked with a project Advisory Committee made of local and regional stakeholders that resulted in a Project Vision and a Reasonable Range of Alternatives. The Project Vision reads:

During 2014 the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) worked to develop, evaluate and select a Preferred Alternative for the Project. After considering many alternatives, including Single and Two-lane Roundabouts, Traffic Signals, and Pedestrian Signals, the committee selected a Roundabout Alternative. The Preferred Roundabout Alternative included three single lane roundabouts in the Meredith Village Core. The Preferred Alternative was presented to the public at a Public Informational Meeting (PIM) on January 26, 2015. At the PIM the PAC and Meredith Board of Selectmen (BOS) heard comments from many citizens and stakeholders about the Preferred Alternative. Due to the overall lack of support heard at the PIM, the BOS voted to reject the Roundabout Alternative.

The BOS requested at their meeting on August 3, 2015 that NHDOT develop alternatives to modify the existing Route 3/25 intersection to provide the best operations possible without widening the roadway. They also requested options for improving pedestrian accommodation across Route 3. At the BOS meeting on December 7, 2015, NHDOT and McFarland Johnson Inc. presented a Modified Signal Alternative along with three options for Pedestrian Signals across Route 3. Those plans and a fact sheet are posted below. The Modified Signal Alternative with Option A – Mid Block Pedestrian Signal was selected by the BOS as the Preferred Alternative. A Public Informational Meeting has been scheduled for January 14, 2016 to present the Preferred Alternative to the public.